Our Story

Based in MONTREAL , Differ1989 is a  26- year old jean brand with a distribution in 22 countries spread out between Asia and Europe.

The idea behind DIFFER 1989 is simple yet forward in conception, fit and performance…

It caters to Men seeking simple, clean yet sexy Jeans that could be versatile, easy to fit and match, dressy or casual.

The Desire to produce a casual pant that MEN can live in all day… that feels good… looks good and stays in shape is what drives the design team led by Peter Badar to ever seek new Denim and cotton rich fabrics that could make up that Fit. 

“It’s all about the FIT“, says Peter…. “you could have the best textiles and still wouldn’t amount to much without the PERFECT SILHOUETTE…” something that DIFFER1989 is known for , it’s a GREAT FIT.

DiFFER 1989 is found at Better Men’s boutiques across Canada… Look for it and try one today, you’ll  feel the difference…